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Authorities Dismantled Database of InfinityBlack Hacker Groups

Authorities Dismantled Database of InfinityBlack Hacker Groups

Authorities Dismantled Database of InfinityBlack Hacker Groups

The European Union Agency, in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies, is destroying a notorious hacker group called InfinityBlack, which has managed to sell online extensive databases containing millions of personal user accounts.

This group of hackers is known for distributing stolen identification information and creating and distributing malicious software or various types of hacking tools.

The European Law Enforcement Cooperation Agency (Europol) continues to cooperate with various national police and law enforcement authorities in various operations against hackers or content piracy.

As in the recent past, Europol has achieved important successes in combating Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) piracy, but now Europol has also managed to score points in various areas, such as the world of hackers.

Recently, on the 29th. In April 2020, several joint police operations were carried out in Poland and five members of the hacker group were arrested.

Authorities Dismantled Database of InfinityBlack Hacker Groups

The Polish national police seized several computer devices, external hard drives and wallets with encrypted money worth about 100,000 euros.

Authorities Dismantled Database of InfinityBlack Hacker Groups

They have also closed two databases with more than 170 million entries in the form of personal certificates, most of which were acquired in Switzerland. This group of hackers has even created an online platform to sell this private access data to Dark Web.

According to Europol’s report, the group was ideally organised into three different teams, each with a specific role and function. Here are the roles played by each member of the hacker group, InfinityBlack: –

  • Some of them have created tools to control the quality of stolen data.
  • Some members are just analyzing the stolen data in detail.
  • Some are sold in packages on the internet and on the black web.

Hackers The goal of the bonus points program

Their main source of stolen data was related to bonus point programs; in fact, they developed a complex operation to steal thousands of accounts in Switzerland. In addition, it is estimated that the loss caused by this group of hackers, InfinityBlack, was approximately 50,000 euros, while the loss could have amounted to 610,000 euros because the hackers had access to more accounts.

All this was made possible thanks to the joint cooperation of Polish and Swiss law enforcement agencies, supported by Europol and Eurojust, which enabled a timely cessation of all illegal cyber operations of the hacker group.

The police install them when purchasing the data and manage their communication with users in Poland. Together with these organisations, Europol has provided the technical resources and support to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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