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Finding the Best Security Outsourcing Alternative to Your Organization

Finding the Best Security Outsourcing Alternative to Your Organization

Finding the Best Security Outsourcing Alternative to Your Organization

As cyber attacks become more widespread and sophisticated, many organizations realize that part of their protection against violations needs to be outsourced, raising the millionth question about what kind of service to choose.

Today, Cynet produces a Security Outsourcing Guide (downloadable here) that gives IT security managers clear and effective advice on the pros and cons of each outsourcing solution.

The reason for the increasing outsourcing of security tasks is that cyber threats evolve much faster than traditional information technology.

While audio-visual and firewalls have relatively recently covered most of the cyber security needs of a standard organisation, no security situation today can be considered complete without a certain level of incident response, prioritisation of alerts, root cause analysis and forensic investigation – and security experts with sufficient experience in this area are both difficult to find and costly.

But the problem is not just the active violation of someone’s emergency style. Even the current work and daily management of monitoring and detection products is not negligible.

The distinction between a warning indicating a potential risk to the system and a warning caused by a small IT configuration error is far from negligible, and the problem is exacerbated by the fact that many small and medium sized organizations rely on their IT staff to manage their cybersecurity on a part-time basis without a dedicated team.

Even the first configuration of the security stack is problematic. Which products or technologies are preferable as main components? Will it be a data protection system or an e-mail system? Is monitoring user activity in cloud applications more important than protecting against malware without files?

The fact is that the lack of verbatim answers to these questions is a problem for many safety decision-makers. It is therefore not surprising that many alternative outsourcing options are now offered by MSSPs, system integrators, IT service providers and MDRs.

The Security Outsourcing Guide guides the reader through a wide range of outsourcing alternatives and highlights the unique features that make a particular organization more suitable for each of them.

The satellite divides the outsourcing of security tasks into three families:

  • IR-oriented: Number is a family that outsources exclusively IR-related activities and has a wide range of capabilities, from simple monitoring and reporting, to remote assistance and referral, to full forensic investigation and recovery. As far as business models are concerned, this can be based on retention or on supply and demand. Typical service providers for these families are the MSSP and the MDR.
  • Continued management focus: is a family of organizations that prefers that even the continuous operation of their prevention and detection technologies is carried out by a more qualified team, and is mainly found in organizations with limited security experience and without their own security team. There are also several flavors, which can range from easy management of more advanced detection and monitoring tools to complete management of the security stack. Typical service providers for these families are the MSSP, the MDR and the MSP.
  • Design and installation in brief: is the broadest family in terms of outsourcing capabilities and includes complete outsourcing of decisions relating to product selection, installation, integration and threat prioritisation based on the products to be invested. Typical service providers for these families are MSSPs, MSPs and system integrators.

In addition, management devotes a chapter to the more general role of virtual CISO or vCISO, a person who has generally gained considerable experience in the field of security by holding positions in organisations with advanced security systems, thus acquiring considerable expertise in the field of cyber technologies and services. As a result, less mature organisations – often without CISO itself – are best placed to advise on how to tailor the most appropriate security to their needs.

Download the External Media Security Settings Guide here.


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