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How does SaaS Management Vigilance protect your company from cyber attacks? —

How does SaaS Management Vigilance protect your company from cyber attacks? —

SaaS (Software as a Service) applications are known for their high potential for cyber- Vulnerability, i.e. if not properly managed. In addition, with the multitude of SaaS applications available on the Internet, it can be difficult to keep track of everything your employees use, which can increase your vulnerability.

The good news is that you can reduce the risk of cyber threats by keeping a close eye on your SaaS management system and developing the right strategies, such as B, to address them. Overcoming security problems in the cloud. There are many ways to protect you from cyber threats, but in this guide, we’ll look at how SaaS management vigilance can protect your business from cyber attacks.

SaaS management is the practice of monitoring and controlling the purchase, licensing, renewal, activation and deactivation of SaaS applications by your organization. The software available on the internet comes in literally thousands of shapes and sizes.

This diversity, as well as the different ways each product is used in different business environments, makes proactive SaaS management essential. Vigilant monitoring is the only way to make sure your team uses all the tools while minimizing the risks.

Below you will find more detailed information about the four key benefits of managing SaaS.

1. Provides insight into all your SaaS applications

To keep track of the effectiveness of SaaS applications, ensure ROI and successfully manage software and tools, you need insight into SaaS applications. But without a good perspective, you can overlook potential security holes in your organization from unregistered and unregistered applications.

A great way to make your applications and toolstack visible is by working with the SaaS management platform. Platforms such as Intello offer a wide range of features and tools that give you a complete overview of all SaaS applications in your business. In addition, the platform can help your organization reduce costs and optimize application usage based on data analysis and insight, as well as receive notifications about new applications that have been added, upcoming updates and more.

How does SaaS Management Vigilance protect your company from cyber attacks? —

Why is the automatic transparency of the SaaS stack such a turning point in the game? After all, manual maintenance in a spreadsheet or by talking to different departments will not reduce it if an average organization with more than 300 employees currently has at least 150 to 300 SaaS applications, says Kelsie Skinner of Intello. And judging by our experience, most IT managers today know only 30-50% of them.

If you have a picture of your SaaS solutions, you’ll always know who, what, how and when you’re using them. This allows you to control tools and applications that should only be used in your company.

2. Reduction and prevention of risks from Ghost Computing

If any software or hardware is purchased, installed or used without the permission of your IT department, this is considered parallel computing.

The freedom to make new technological choices at will is a productivity dream for those working in the industry. However, parallel computing poses a large number of potential security risks because your employees and teams tend to forget them, not exploit them and mismanage them. For example, unauthorized software and platforms, such as cloud storage, may not meet your company’s security standards, leading to vulnerabilities in your systems or privacy breaches.

By implementing SaaS management monitoring, you can reduce the risk of parallel computing.

Here are a few tips on how to do this.

  • Create a risk prioritization and classification system because not all applications that are not controlled by your IT department pose the same level of threat to your business.
  • Make a list of approved devices that are allowed to use BYOD (bring your own device) and set specific restrictions, such as banning the use of compromised operating systems in smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Use the right solutions and platforms to monitor your network for fake computer applications.
  • Block the installation and use of applications that may be dangerous to your systems and seek approval from your IT department before downloading them.

With a SaaS management system that detects unauthorized use of unauthorized applications and tools, you can reduce the risk of cyber security and prevent potential cyber attacks against your business.

3. Maintenance of the license management system

With so many SaaS tools and applications in your IT infrastructure, it can be difficult to track renewals and unused or underutilized licenses. However, in the absence of clear team or employee ownership, unused licenses may pose a security risk.

For example, it can be problematic to ensure that your company does not neglect or forget to remove access to your confidential Company information from former employees so that they no longer have access to your confidential Company information without specifying ownership rights.

How does SaaS Management Vigilance protect your company from cyber attacks? —

In addition, unused licenses can lead to automatic renewal, which can result in unnecessary costs for your business.

By implementing adequate and proactive SaaS management, you can prevent all this and get the most out of your investment. In addition, optimizing your SaaS licensing ensures that the number of workstations meets the real needs of your business while maintaining the value of your tools and applications.

4. Creates a compensation system for your employees

One of the best ways to ensure that SaaS applications are used correctly and that the rules of use are clear is to implement everything right from the start for your employees and teams. Otherwise, unclear SaaS management policies or problems with access to different services in the software used by your organization can lead to misuse and mismanagement.

It can also encourage your employees to access unauthorized tools and software, which can increase cyber security risks.

To ensure the proper implementation of SaaS protocols and systems in your organization, you can organize the staff exchange process for each tool. You can assign teams or your IT department to ensure that all new employees receive proper access and training to the various software services used by your organization.

This eliminates potential inefficiencies because your employees know how to use SaaS applications correctly. It also helps to ensure that no service is underutilised, poorly managed or abused, which can reduce the risk of potential security breaches and cyber attacks. You also need a shutdown system to ensure that employees who no longer work in your organization do not have access to your SaaS applications.

Bottom row

Vigilance in managing SaaS and applying the right strategies help protect your business from potential cyber attacks.

In addition, a robust SaaS management system reduces the complexity of managing multiple programs and applications, improves visibility across the application stack, and eliminates overlapping tools.

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