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How to Enable Full Dark Mode on Ubuntu 20.04.

How to Enable Full Dark Mode on Ubuntu 20.04.

One of the most discussed new features in Ubuntu 20.04 is the dark mode. You can install a dark theme in any version of Ubuntu to make it look dark, but the new version 20.04 of Ubuntu makes it much easier.

You don’t have to determine the subjects yourself. You will find three default theme options (Yaru) and can activate dark mode in the settings.

It’s my job to give you some advice on how to provide total darkness mode for your Ubuntu system.

Switching on the dark mode in Ubuntu 20.04


The steps are performed on the GNOME desktop. If you use a different work environment, the screenshots may look different.

Press the Super Key (Windows key) and start typing settings to search for the setting application. You can look here Azure Cloud Management.

How to Enable Full Dark Mode on Ubuntu 20.04. Parameter search

Go to the Appearance section in the Settings program and you will see three options for the theme : Light, standard and dark. There is no price to guess what to choose if you want to use the dark mode.

How to Enable Full Dark Mode on Ubuntu 20.04. Switching on the dark theme in Ubuntu

All applications, except GTK3, should not automatically match the dark theme. In other words, you will notice that most applications such as Text Editor, Terminal, LibreOffice, etc. in your system automatically go into darker mode.

But he still leaves some things in easy mode. I’ll show you some tips on how to reach the dark side.

Total darkness mode settings in Ubuntu 20.04

You will notice that the mussel theme is still light. Message tray, System tray (on top panel) is still not using dark mode.

How to Enable Full Dark Mode on Ubuntu 20.04. No Standard Dark Ubuntu Shell

Here you should use the GNOME extension that allows you to install the Yaru Dark Shell theme. First install the browser extension in the terminal with this command (use the key combination Ctrl+Alt+T for the Ubuntu terminal).

sudo apt chrome dwarf bowl holder

Now go to the webpage of the extension and activate it:

How to Enable Full Dark Mode on Ubuntu 20.04. Enable GNOME extension for custom themes

You must install the GNOME Tweaks tool with this command:

sudo apt dwarf tweaker installation

Open the Gnome Tweaks tool and go to Appearance. You will have the opportunity to change the theme of the bowl. You don’t have to set this shell theme for Yara. He’s already here. Just turn it on.

How to Enable Full Dark Mode on Ubuntu 20.04. Activating the Yaru Dark Shell theme in Ubuntu

You can now see that even shell features such as desktop notifications, message bar, system tray are also in dark mode.

How to Enable Full Dark Mode on Ubuntu 20.04. Yaru black shell Tema Ubuntu

That’s better, isn’t it? There is one more thing you could do to enjoy the dark regime of Ubuntu even more. You will notice that the websites you visit always have a white background. You can’t expect all places to work in dark mode.

Here you can use a browser extension such as Dark Reader. John already talked about it in a tutorial about recording the dark mode in Firefox. It’s not a difficult task. If you are using Firefox, Chrome, or Chrome in Ubuntu, you can install the browser extension indicated on Dark Reader.

Once Dark Reader is installed, all websites you visit should automatically be in dark mode.

How to Enable Full Dark Mode on Ubuntu 20.04. Dark mode FLAF homepage with dark player

You can still find several third-party applications that use a simple theme. You may need to manually activate a dark theme if you have this option.

Dark mode is becoming increasingly popular today, even among nekoderovs. Turning on the dark mode is on my list of first things to do after installing Ubuntu 20.04. With these tips you can satisfy your passion for the Ubuntu Darkness Diet.

I hope you like it. Enjoy the dark mode.

How to Enable Full Dark Mode on Ubuntu 20.04.

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