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Linux Friendly Home NAS Server – Linux Hint

Linux Friendly Home NAS Server – Linux Hint

In short, a network attached storage server or NAS is a permanently working mini computer used to back up and maintain data on devices on a local network. You can still create your own NAS server using an old computer. However, if you need to save energy or do not want to take the old parts of your favorite PC with you, it is best to use a NAS server specifically designed for this purpose. The type of SIN you need depends on what you want to do with it. Sharing simple tables or text files is a relatively simple task. However, if you want to stream Ultra HD video over your home entertainment network or across multiple devices, you need a powerful NAS with more powerful processor, storage, and networking capabilities.

In this article we examine the top five Linux compatible NAS servers that can be offered on the domestic market today. These models are selected based on multiple drive bays, performance, software, backup support, streaming media capabilities, features, third party support, price, warranty and customer support. Why don’t you have a cup of coffee and read on!

Synology 2-bay NAS DiskStation DS218+ (without disk)

Linux Friendly Home NAS Server – Linux Hint

Over the years, Synology has built large NAS servers in two bays for home users. But the versatile operating system, reliable port selection, speed, and 4k streaming support make DS218+ the best of the best.

Two full-size hard drives are housed in a compact and stylish enclosure. There are several synchronization and backup options, nicely presented in a user-friendly interface. The design process is the wind. Connect everything, turn it on and follow the wizard. Once you’re done setting it up, you can forget all about it. Synology DiskStation Manager can do most of the behind-the-scenes tasks.

DSM works as an operating system in your browser and is easy to use. The QuickConnect function allows users to connect to the server on the go – without having to worry about the router settings. All communication is very fluent and exactly what you expect. In addition, AES-NI hardware encryption protects your data and RAID prevents data loss.

With a 2 GHz Intel Celeron processor, 2 GB DDRIII Ram (expandable up to 6 GB), multiple ports and under $300 the DiskStation DS218+ is an affordable option with a solid price/performance ratio.

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Synology DS418play

Linux Friendly Home NAS Server – Linux Hint

If you want to increase the amount of storage space on your DiskStation DS218+ compared to previous versions, take a look at Synology DS418Play. It’s your own private cloud, it uses the same CPU, RAM, hardware encryption and transcoding, but adds two additional memory slots. Isn’t it fantastic?

It now has one less USB port than the mother model. However, it adds a Gigabit Ethernet port to make it easier to merge connections. All you need is a compatible router, and you can see an exponential performance improvement when multiple users access your NAS at the same time. In particular, this NAS server can store and share 4K videos, music, photos and documents with 2048 user accounts and 200 simultaneous connections.

The Synology DS418Play provides access to the same mobile applications as the DS218+ for streaming, backup, and other uses. With two additional disk locations, you can use different storage configurations for better data processing and overall performance.

All in all, we think this NAS server is ideal for professionals or people who need more storage space. Although the price may discourage some users, it comes with Synology’s extended 2-year warranty, which should take some concerns away.

Buy now: Amazon

WD 8TB, My Cloud EX2 Ultra Network,connected storage device

Linux Friendly Home NAS Server – Linux Hint

Western Digital is another popular NAS provider, and products such as My Cloud EX2 Ultra 8TB are the reason. It’s easy to set up and compared to Synology servers it’s pretty cheap. It quickly manages backups and streaming functions like the boss.

This is made possible by the Marvell Armada 385 processor and 1GB RAM in combination with two 4TB mirror drives. The result is one of the best bandwidth values for NAS servers in this price range. This faster throughput enables smoother 4K streaming and faster backups when used in a home environment.

While My Cloud EX2 Ultra’s advanced features are focused on business, we have added it to the list of Linux-compatible home NAS servers with its ultra-compact design, excellent performance with 4K streaming, low noise and power saving capabilities.

The only drawback is that the network connection is highly dependent on third party applications and the user interface is quite complex to navigate. The server is pre-installed, so the three-year manufacturer’s warranty applies to both the NAS and the hard drives. All in all, my Cloud EX2 is a great all-in-one server.

Buy now: Amazon

Asustor AS1002T v2

Linux Friendly Home NAS Server – Linux Hint

The AS1002T is an elegant entry-level NAS server for home users. No LCD, no removable chargers, no HDMI and only two USB 3.0 ports. So he manages to keep the price below $200.

But there’s no compromise on speed. At the same time, it can still read/write over the network in a range up to 100 Mbps. Thanks to intelligent software caching, the operating system remains relatively fast. To test the performance we tried NZBGET, which allowed a maximum download speed of 17 Mbps while the content was decompressed and PARSed was as fast as the computer. This is surprising because it uses a dual-core 1 GHz ARM processor (Marvell ARMADA 385) with only 512 MB RAM.

It contains two hard disks, has a RAID system, Gigabit Ethernet, which is equipped with loaded applications and multimedia functions. Support for USB (2.0/3.0), MySQL server, FTP server, web server, integrated Usenet software such as NZBGET and Sickbeard, downloader and even iTunes server for your music app – all combined in a user or group management.

If you are looking for something basic, without all the beautiful gadgets that clean up, then the AS1002T is for you. However, advanced users should refrain from this purchase.

Buy now: Amazon

QNAP TS-251B-2G-US 2 Bay Home

Linux Friendly Home NAS Server – Linux Hint

QNAP TS-251B-2G-US 2 Bay Home runs Synology DS218+ for money. It has an HDMI output, which is very useful if you want to stream video directly from your server, connected to a TV. However, Synology lacks support for SHR and BTRFS.

It uses an Intel Celeron J3355 processor and 2GB of RAM, and offers fantastic data transfer rates of around 110 Mbps for large data and 90-100 Mbps for multiple music file folders.

Thanks to the expansion slot of the PCIe card, the TS-251B can be easily upgraded. The user interface, called QTS, is very similar to Synology’s DSM and offers similar multimedia streaming, video surveillance, AV applications, and backup support.

Finally, the QNAP devices have a warranty of 2 years. It offers excellent customer support, both via an online forum and over the phone. In addition, an extensive collection of training materials is available online, which makes troubleshooting much easier.

Buy now: Amazon

Purchasing guide

As with any other computer accessory, the functions offered by the SIN vary depending on these requirements. So before you enter the market, you need to understand its characteristics and conditions. Don’t worry, sweetheart, we’re right behind you. That’s all you need to know:

Compartments with multiple readers

For most home users, a two-disk NAS is the right solution, although some models are equipped with four or eight drives. These models require complex RAID configurations, such as RAID 6 or RAID 10, that the home user does not need. Multiple drives protect your data by mirroring its contents on each drive. So even if one of the disks fails, your data remains safe and available.

Processor and RAM

As with any other computer, the same applies here: The higher the CPU and RAM, the higher the performance. But the costs increase along with it, so agree to a model that fits your budget. The article includes both powerful dual-core Intel Celeron processors and less powerful ARM-based configurations.

Hardware Encryption acceleration

A NAS server that provides hardware-based encryption acceleration can greatly increase the read/write speed. Even for home users, data encryption provides extra protection if someone breaks into your home and tries to steal your data. In addition, some devices encrypt data before it is stored.

Streaming Media Broadcasting

The home NAS device should be able to stream HD video and music to multiple devices at the same time. Some high-end models even allow 4K streaming. Usually media are streamed with the manufacturer’s software or third party applications such as Plex. Music lovers also use iTunes to stream their favorite music.

Third party application support

Third party applications allow you to add multiple services or features to your NAS. So make a deal with a third party. This includes analysis, media software, web server software and much more.

Multiple USB ports

Choose a model with at least two USB ports to have two backups. USB ports are very useful if you don’t want to use cloud backup services. Just plug in the external hard drive and backup everything. It is also preferable to have a USB port on the front with a quick copy function, so you can copy everything without having to worry about software and settings.


You should not look for a Linux compatible NAS server for your home if you are looking for two-phase servers costing over $350. The reason for this is that these servers are more business-oriented and have functions that are not really needed in a home environment. Conversely, if you choose a cheaper model, you risk losing the speed of the RW or getting a less advanced operating system.

Final reflection

These are our Linux compatible home NAS servers. Thanks to technological progress, most NAS servers today are compatible with any operating system. However, for this article we have selected only the best NAS servers compatible with Linux distributions. Depending on your budget, you can choose one of these devices without hesitation. We hope you enjoyed this article. If you think we missed something, share your thoughts with us in the following comments. Good luck!linux streaming media server,ubuntu,linux music server,linux media server distro,linux file server,plex server alternative linux,dlna linux,best linux for plex server

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